InVivoMab anti-Phosphotyrosine (5 mg)

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InVivoMab anti-Phosphotyrosine (5 mg) Description

Produkt Info Concentration is determined using an extinction coefficient equal to 1.33 Endotoxin level is determined using an LAL gel clotting test Purity determined by SDS-PAGE Endotoxin 95% Purification Protein G Recommended Isotipe Control/Prduct MPC-11 Recommended Isotipe Control/Catalog# BE0086 Storage Undiluted at 4C in the dark. If the antibody is to be stored for more than 6 months, aliquot and freeze at -20C in a non-frost free freezer. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Production Tissue culture Isotype Mouse IgG2b Pathogen Test Result: Murine Pneumonia Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Mouse Hepatitis Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Mouse Minute Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Mouse Parvovirus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Sendai Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Murine Encephalomyelitis Negative Antigen Phosphotyramine-KLH

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