InVivoMab anti-human/rat/fish AChR (5 mg)

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InVivoMab anti-human/rat/fish AChR (5 mg) Description

Produkt Info Concentration is determined using an extinction coefficient equal to 1.33 Endotoxin level is determined using an LAL gel clotting test Purity determined by SDS-PAGE. Endotoxin 95% Purification Protein G Recommended Isotipe Control/Prduct MOPC-21 Recommended Isotipe Control/Catalog# BE0083 Storage Undiluted at 4C in the dark. If the antibody is to be stored for more than 6 months, aliquot and freeze at -20C in a non-frost free freezer. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Production Tissue culture Isotype Mouse IgG1 Pathogen Test Result: Murine Pneumonia Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Mouse Hepatitis Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Mouse Minute Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Mouse Parvovirus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Sendai Virus Negative Pathogen Test Result: Murine Encephalomyelitis Negative Antigen AChR

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